If you know of an individual or group working in Campbell River to reduce their ecological footprint and to improve our common natural areas for the benefit of all, complete the 2023 Stewardship Awards Nomination Form

Every year, Campbell River residents are recognized for their outstanding environmental achievements as part of the City of Campbell River Stewardship Awards Program. The Stewardship Awards started in 2001 and have been presented to individuals, groups, developers, businesses, industry representative and youth for their contribution to environmental protection. The awards are presented at the Haig-Brown Festival at the end of September. The festival, hosted by the Museum, is a celebration of both World Rivers Day and the environmental and social causes championed by the Haig-Brown family, including conservation, fly-fishing, arts and literature, and social issues. The award categories include:

  • Air Quality / Alternative Transportation
  • Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture
  • Water / Energy Conservation
  • Habitat Protection / Creation 
  • Waste Reduction
  • Youth Special Recognition 
  • Environmental Excellence 

Past Stewardship Award Winners


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Sarah Wright
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: 
Jessica Mann
Habitat Protection / Creation: 
Mike and Charlee McNair
Waste Reduction: 
Food Recovery Program Volunteers, Campbell River Food Bank
Waste / Energy Conservation: School District 72
Youth Special Recognition: 
Ronin and Troy Dowler
Environmental Excellence: 
A-Tlegay Fisheries Society. Composed of We Wai Kai, Wei Wai Kum, K’omoks, Tlowitsis and Kwiakah Nations. 
Sustainability Awards 2022


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Ricki Moore
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: 
Dawn Summer Langerack and Teena Edmundson
Habitat Protection / Creation: 
Ian Moul
Waste Reduction: 
Ray Goodwin
Youth Special Recognition: 
Benjamin "Benji" Bridle
Environmental Excellence: 
Sandra Milligan

2021 Recipients

2020 (categories reduced because of COVID-19)

Habitat Protection / Creation: Miles Toelle
Youth Special Recognition: Braden Majic
Environmental Excellence: Ed Silkens

2020 Recipients


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Laurel Cronk
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Marti Alkana
Habitat Protection / Creation: Jeremy Maynard
Waste Reduction: Fred Moon
Youth Special Recognition: Allie Whitebear
Environmental Excellence: Ray Allan

Recipient group shot


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Tom Porsberg
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Sherill Stone
Water / Energy Conservation: Dan Klinka
Waste Reduction: Rhonda Teramura from the Snowden Trail Challenge Organizers
Habitat Protection / Creation: Bob Tonkin
Youth Special Recognition: Anna Buck
Environmental Excellence: Jerry Fletcher

2018 Stewardship Awards


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Karen Baily
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Ann Hazlett
Waste Reduction: Catherine Mendard, grade 5/6 teacher at Ecole Mer-et-Montagne
Habitat Protection / Creation: Dave Hadden
Youth Special Recognition: Ecole Willow Point
Environmental Excellence: Chuck DeSorcy

2017 Stewardship Award Recipients


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Frank Jones & Marcus Willems
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Ross Mountain Farm (Michelle White)
Water / Energy Conservation: Sidney Demuth & Jack Worsley
Waste Reduction: David Barr
Habitat Protection / Creation: Bill Murray & Dave Cunning
Youth Special Recognition: Keely Finn, Mackenzie Bryla & Alexandira Uzzell-Paulos from Dionne Lapoint-Bakota's Grade 6/7 Southgate class
Environmental Excellence: Mainstream Biological

Group shot 


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Norbert Meding 
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Campbellton Neighbourhood Association
Habitat Protection / Creation: The Tyee Club of British Columbia
Youth Special Recognition: Jacob Hicks
Environmental Excellence: Barry Peters

2015 Stewardship Award Group Photo


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Don Johnson   
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Connie Kretz
Water / Energy Conservation: Luisa Richardson
Habitat Protection / Creation: Cynthia Bendickson
Waste Reduction: Patti Mertz - CR Hospital Foundation
Youth Special Recognition: Manesha Bains
Environmental Excellence: Marjorie Greaves

2014 Stewardship Awards Group recipient shot 


Air Quality / Alternative Transportation: Clean Sweep Chimneys    
Pesticide Free / Urban Agriculture: Chelsea Holley
Water / Energy Conservation: The Loeb family (Jeremy, Jennifer, Gideon, Hannah and Daniel)
Habitat Protection/Creation: Clay Carlson 
Waste Reduction: Kathleen Sharpe & Bud Logan
Youth Special Recognition: Ecole Phoenix Grade 6/7 teacher, Dionne Lapointe-Bakota
Environmental Excellence: Leona Adams



Air Quality: Julie Stewart, Quality Stoves & Fireplaces Ltd    
Pesticide Free: Jason Price – Campbell River Indian Band
Water / Energy Conservation: Ray & Mary Ann Dupuis
Habitat Protection / Creation: Irv Penner
Waste Reduction: Bains Family
Youth Special Recognition: Danielle Myers – Recent Timberline Graduate
Environmental Excellence: Kira DeSorcy 


Air Quality: Guardian Chimney Services 
Pesticide Free: Elaine Jansen, the “Compost Diva”
Water / Energy Conservation:
School District 72 – Steve Woods, Manager of Operations
Habitat Protection / Creation:
Tom Easton
Waste Reduction:
Susan Black Clean Living Initiative
Youth Special Recognition:
1st Willow Point Scout Group
Environmental Excellence:  
Morgan Ostler 



Individual Category: Jamie Alguire
Development, Business & Industry: Dan Sampson, Parkway Properties
Group: Ms. Dominique Joyal, School District 93
Youth Individual: Rupert Love
Youth Group: Nigel Lambeth
Special Recognition: Jim Dubois


Individual Category: Roy Myers, James Smith
Development, Business & Industry: Luisa Richardson, Environmental Educator
Group: River City Cycle Club including Tom Porsborg
Youth Individual: Mike Pickford
Youth Group: Carihi Green Team
Special Recognition:  Sandra Milligan

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