The Transportation Department plans and manages smaller, transportation projects. 

The Capital Works Department, within the City’s Facilities and Supply Management Division, primarily focuses on the consistent delivery of all of the City’s major capital projects. For the most up to date information on projects, visit the Capital Improvement Projects page.

Current Projects

Shared Road Use: Highway 19A, 5th to 6th Avenues

At the February 24 Council meeting, the decision was made to remove parking on the east side of Highway 19A and install bike lanes both sides on Highway 19A between 5th Avenue and 6th Avenue.  This will create continuous bike lanes from 1st Avenue to the Maritime Heritage Centre.  Work will be done in the summer.

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2020 Transportation Projects

Dogwood street / 13th avenue: traffic signal replacement

The traffic signal at Dogwood Street and 13th Avenue (by the downtown Fire Hall) will be replaced in 2020.  The signal is aging and is in need of a complete replacement.  This project will include new bases, new poles, new arms, new signal heads, a new controller box, new street lights, an accessible pedestrian system, pedestrian countdown timers and an emergency vehicle pre-emption system.  In addition, the City will add left turn arrows in all four directions.  Work is expected to start in the Fall of 2020.

S. Dogwood street / s. alder street: new crosswalk

The City will install a new crosswalk at the South Dogwood Street / South Alder Street intersection, to enable pedestrians to more safely cross Dogwood Street.  The decision was made based on the new pathway on one side of Dogwood, a well used pathway on the other side of Dogwood, and the new subdivision at Jubilee Heights. This project has been postponed until 2021.

2019 Transportation ProjectsConstruction Projects St.Anns

Highway 19A / St. Ann’s Road: Traffic Signal Replacement

The traffic signal at Highway 19A / St. Ann’s Road was replaced in the summer of 2019.

This busy downtown intersection near Robert Ostler Park has had traffic lights and left turn arrows added to north and south-bound signals,” explains Drew Hadfield, the City’s director of operations. “The previous signal was installed in 1991 by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways and is now due to be replaced.”

The new left-turn arrows for traffic travelling north and south will make turning safer from Pier Street turning left toward City Hall, and from Shoppers Row turning left toward the ferry terminal.

Other improvements at the intersection include new:

  • traffic controller and box
  • bases and poles
  • street name signs
  • traffic signal heads
  • LED luminaires
  • accessible pedestrian system
  • pedestrian countdown timers
  • emergency vehicle pre-emption system

ICBC contributed $6,100 towards this project.

Highway 19A / Maryland Road: New Traffic SignalConstructionProjectsMaryland

A new traffic signal will be installed at Highway 19A / Maryland Road intersection, with constructing starting August 19, 2019.

“Replacing the existing stop sign with traffic lights will provide a safer way to enter and exit the Maryland area,” says Drew Hadfield, the City’s director of operations. “This work will be done in stages, so drivers won’t see active construction each day during this time.”

New signal includes:

  • traffic controller and box
  • bases and poles
  • street name signs
  • traffic signal heads
  • LED luminaires
  • accessible pedestrian system
  • pedestrian countdown timers
  • emergency vehicle pre-emption system

ICBC will contribute $29,500 towards this project.

New Crosswalks Along Highway 19A

The City has installed new crosswalks along Highway 19A, at 1st Avenue and 6th Avenue. These will include flashing amber lights. In addition, the existing crosswalks along Highway 19A at 2nd Avenue and 5th Avenue will be upgraded to include flashing amber lights.

Drivers are reminded to drive with due care and attention, and to stop for pedestrians waiting to cross.

Pedestrians are reminded to push the button, then cross with caution, after ensuring that traffic has stopped.

ICBC will contribute $28,100 towards these four crosswalks.

New BC Transit Bus SheltersConstructionProjectsBusShelter

The City has partnered with BC Transit and has installed new BC Transit bus shelters at 8 locations in Campbell River. They are located at:

  • Dogwood Street, southbound, south of 16th Avenue (Mariner Square)
  • South Dogwood Street, northbound, south of Evergreen Road
  • South Alder Street, northbound, north of Holm Road (opposite Southgate Middle School)
  • Ironwood Street, southbound, south of 14th Avenue (beside Ironwood Mall)
  • Erickson Road, westbound, west of Nodales Drive
  • Hospital, northbound
  • South Dogwood Street, northbound, by Strathcona Gardens
  • South Dogwood Street, southbound, opposite Strathcona Gardens
The City would like to thank BC Transit and the federal ICIP (Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program) grant for their financial contributions to this project.

Contact Information

For additional information about construction updates, please contact:

City of Campbell River Transportation Department

Phone: 250-286-5700

Email: Address: 301 St. Ann's Road, Campbell River, BC  V9W 4C7

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