The Transportation Department plans and manages smaller, transportation projects. 

The Capital Works Department, within the City’s Facilities and Supply Management Division, primarily focuses on the consistent delivery of all of the City’s major capital projects. For the most up to date information on projects, visit the Capital Improvement Projects page.


S. DOGWOOD STREET / S. Alder Street: New traffic signal

The City has hired Daeco Installations to install a new traffic signal at S. Dogwood Street and S. Alder Street. This will improve safety for both vehicles and pedestrians. The signal will include a left turn arrow from southbound on S. Dogwood Street, pedestrian walk / don’t walk indications, emergency vehicle pre-emption and an uninterruptible power supply. The project is paid for by Couverdon (developer of Jubilee Heights), the City, and ICBC.The signal has been installed and drivers are reminded to pay attention and obey the lights.


The City has hired Daeco Installations to install a new pedestrian crosswalk with flashing amber lights at S. Dogwood Street and Erickson Road. This will improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians. Drivers are reminded to pay attention to pedestrians wanting to cross the road. The crosswalk has been installed and drivers and pedestrians are reminded to drive and walk safely.

Miscellaneous replacement of traffic signal infrastructure

The City owns and operates 24 traffic signals.  There are an additional 17 traffic signals that are owned and operated by the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure.  As these signals age, they require replacement.  The City will replace various parts of various traffic signals (signal heads, poles, controllers etc).  Drivers can expect some minor traffic disruption.  Operation of the signals will not change.

Master Transportation Plan and Dogwood Corridor Study

The City will update the Master Transportation Plan in 2022. The MTP is a guiding document that shapes transportation for the next 20 years and beyond. It will recommend improvements to walking, cycling, transit and road infrastructure to accommodate growth in our community. The current MTP was completed in 2012 by Urban Systems.

The Dogwood Corridor Study will take a close look at the Dogwood corridor, from Jubilee Parkway to Highway 19A. It will review operations and safety issues at many intersections and recommend improvements.

Check out the project page which will include opportunities for community engagement

Hilchey bike lanes

The City will paint bike lanes on Hilchey Road, from S. Dogwood Street to Highway 19A. Parking will be eliminated on one side. This will create safer cycling infrastructure and will encourage both recreational and commuter cycling trips. Installation to occur in 2022.

highway 19a bus bay pull-outs in the regional district

Under a cost share agreement with the BC Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the City has installed bus bay pull-outs along Highway 19A at four locations in the Strathcona Regional District. The City operates the Transit system within City limits, as well as along Highway 19A to Oyster River, where passengers can transfer to the Comox Valley system. 

The four locations with new bus bay pull-outs are:

  • Highway 19A northbound at York Road
  • Highway 19A southbound at York Road
  • Highway 19A southbound at Seawave Road
  • Highway 19A northbound at Hernando Road

new bc transit bus shelters

The City has yearly funding to install bus shelters at various locations around Campbell River. Cost to the City will be offset by funding from BC Transit.

Locations that will get new shelters in 2022 are:

  • South Alder Street southbound at Holm Road (Southgate Middle School)
  • South Dogwood Street northbound at South McPhedran Road
  • Dogwood Street southbound at 9th Avenue



The traffic signal at Dogwood Street and 13th Avenue (by the downtown Fire Hall) was replaced in 2021. The signal was aging and was in need of a complete replacement. This project included new bases, new poles, new arms, new signal heads, a new controller box, new street lights, an accessible pedestrian system, pedestrian countdown timers and an emergency vehicle pre-emption system. In addition, the City has added left turn arrows in all four directions. Cost to the City was offset by a grant from ICBC.

new bc transit bus shetlers

ID11200 - Front 2

The City has yearly funding to install bus shelters at various locations around Campbell River. Cost to the City was offset by funding from BC Transit. Locations that saw new shelters in 2021 are:

  • Highway 19A northbound at Rockland
  • Highway 19A southbound at Rockland
  • Highway 19A northbound at 1200 block
  • Highway 19A southbound at 1200 block
  • North Island College
  • Mariner Square on Dogwood Street (2nd bus shelter)
  • Dogwood Street northbound at Robron



For additional information about construction updates, please contact:

City of Campbell River Transportation Department
Phone: 250-286-5700
Address: 301 St. Ann's Road, Campbell River, BC V9W 4C7


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