Answers to frequently asked questions about fire services in Campbell River.

Fire FAQ

  • What are the benefits of a professional fire service?

  • How do I get a copy of a fire or incident report?

  • How do I get a fire department Comfort Letter or Bylaw Compliance Letter?

  • My smoke alarm is chirping. What should I do?

  • My carbon monoxide alarm is chirping or beeping. What should I do?

  • Does the Campbell River Fire Department have volunteer firefighters?

  • How do I become a paid-on-call firefighter?

  • I’m already a trained Paid-on-Call (POC) firefighter. How can I apply to join your POC team?

  • I am a career firefighter and want to join the Campbell River Fire Department. How can I apply?

  • Does the fire department do car seat installations or inspections?

  • When is the fire department open to the public?

  • Does the Campbell River Fire Department refill fire extinguishers?

  • Am I allowed to burn my yard waste?

  • My neighbor is burning yard waste. How should I report it?

  • Are you allowed to burn garbage?

  • Can I have a recreational fire in my backyard or at the beach?

  • Where can I have a beach fire?

  • What about camping fires? Do the same rules apply?

  • The Province has issued a ban on Category 2 and/or Category 3 open fires. What does this mean?

  • Do I need an open burning permit?

  • How do I apply for an open burning permit?

  • Does the fire department provide station tours?

  • What other fire safety education opportunities are there for the public?

  • Does the fire department do woodstove inspections?

  • I have old or expired flares. Can I drop them off at the fire department?

  • What services does the Campbell River fire department provide?

Fire FAQ - Alarms - Smoke and Carbon Monoxide

Fire FAQ - Becoming a firefighter

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