Project Background

The City of Campbell River explored updating the Official Community Plan's Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Area Guidelines. The proposed amendments have been abandoned at this time and the existing Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Guidelines, including the exemption criteria for managing vegetation, remain in effect.

Prior to starting any work within a Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Area including cutting trees or managing vegetation on a steep slope, contact Development Services to determine if a permit is required or if you need to fill out an exemption form at 250-286-5725 or email

The City of Campbell River is amending the Official Community Plan’s Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Guidelines to improve human safety and reduce the risk of landslide.

Slope management is a shared responsibility between property owners and the City, which supports drainage management above slopes as part of the city infrastructure. Careful management practices by property owners and the City will help protect the integrity of steep slopes to avoid property damage from landslides and improve safety.

The information on this page includes:

  • Development Permits: How to check if your property falls within Steep Slope areas, when development permits on steep slopes are required and how residents can obtain a permit
  • Exemptions: A list of activities that are exempt from the development permit process and how to obtain exemption approval

Slope Information Sessions

Two in-person information sessions concerning the proposed Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Area guideline amendments have been scheduled:

Where: Campbell River Community Centre, Room 1 - 401-11th Avenue
When: Thursday, June 22, 2023 from 6 to 8 p.m.
Tuesday, June 27, 2023 from 3 to 5 p.m.

During the information sessions, staff will explain the development permit process, what activities are exempt and why. Participants will learn about the guidelines, exemptions, and changes to the application process. The same information will be presented at both events and residents are invited to stop in and review the information as their schedule permits. Staff will be on hand to answer questions. No formal presentation is scheduled.

Development Permit

Development on steep slopes refers to any land alteration on the property; including tree work and soil disturbance. These activities are designated and regulated under the Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit in the City’s OCP.

Work within designated areas could trigger a Development Permit, including any development on a slope or within the 20-metre buffer area. In some cases, a technical report will be required by a qualified landslide assessment professional.

The location of steep slopes can be viewed on the City's interactive map.

Note: for any discrepancies found on the map, please note that a slope not meeting the steep slope definition of 30 per cent grade and 10 metres high from crest to toe will not trigger the requirement for a Development Permit. Works on a lesser slope will also not require a formal exemption form process.

Check if a Development Permit is Needed:

Prior to starting any work within the Hazard Conditions Development Permit Area for steep slopes, contact the City’s Development Services Department to determine if a permit is required.

Contact Development Services at 250-286-5725 or email

Development Permit Exemptions

In some cases, a Development Permit is not required to complete work on or around a steep slope. Routine landscape maintenance and hazard tree removal are generally exempt, provided the property owner submits a Vegetation Management Exemption Form and submits to Development Services for approval prior to conducting work.

What Activities are Exempt

The City recognizes that some maintenance work can be completed on properties without triggering a permit process. In consultation with the community in 2022, and working alongside technical and industry experts, a list of exemptions with specific guidelines has been created.

View the full list of exemptions.


How to Obtain an Exemption

The City has developed a fillable online Vegetation Management Exemption Form, to help determine if proposed vegetation maintenance is exempt from the Development Permit approval process. Access and submit the Exemption Form.

For further reference and guidance to help fill out the exemption form, Please review our Exemptions Guide.

Project Timeline

Steep Slopes - Project Timeline

  • Jan/Feb 2023

  • August 2022

  • July 2022

  • June 2022

  • May 2022

  • April 2022

  • November 2021

  • November 2020



The City of Campbell River is amending the Official Community Plan’s (OCP) Hazard Conditions (Steep Slope) Development Permit Guidelines for public safety, and to reduce the risk of landslides. Following engagement with the community in 2022, and working alongside technical experts with consideration of landslide and industry best practices, a list of exemptions has been developed. See below for a list of FAQs detailing the development permit and exemptions process. 

Steep Slopes - Final FAQs

  • Why is the City updating these regulations?

  • What is a Steep Slope and how is it regulated?

  • How do I check if my property is located on a steep slope?

  • What type of work on a steep slope requires a development permit?

  • How do I request a development permit?

  • How do I request an exemption from the development permit process?

  • Are there exemptions that don’t require submission of on exemption form?

  • How much does a development permit or an exemption request cost?

  • What else is the City doing to reduce risk of landslides?

  • Is dumping yard waste on steep slopes permitted?

  • Can I thin branches from a tree to maintain views from my property?

  • What if I have a hazard tree on the slope and want to have it removed?

  • If I live at the top or bottom of a steep slope, do I need a Development Permit to maintain vegetation in my yard?

  • What happens if these guidelines are not followed?

  • What if my property is in the other development permit areas?

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