The Seagull Walkway is a prominent feature in downtown Campbell River connecting Robert Oster Park with the Government Wharf. The walkway provides approximately 240m long waterfront pedestrian connection as part of the City’s overall sea walk network.   

The first section was built in the early 1980s followed by the second section in 1994. Since 2001 ongoing condition assessments have tracked the degrading condition of the walkway and related retaining structure to the point that in 2014 it was determined that the entire structure should be considered for full replacement. 

The work related to this project is generally described as a repair to the existing north and south sections. This will require removal of sections of the existing concrete walkway in order to address structural deficiencies below replacement of subsurface materials, repairs to damaged piling and timber retaining wall, after which the surface of the walkway will be reinstated. The street lighting will also be evaluated for replacement and subject to external funding opportunities, be replaced as part of the project.  This will result in closure of the walkway while construction is underway.

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