NWECWhiteStraightLogo3Work under this project is the third phase of improvements to the City’s existing sewage treatment facility in the past eight years. This phase is focused on upgrades to the digester,  Gen Set (generator set) and related electrical system.

In large wastewater treatment plants, anaerobic digestion breaks down organic waste. Anaerobic digestion is a sequence of processes by which microorganisms break down biodegradable material in the absence of oxygen. This process is used for industrial or domestic purposes to manage waste.

All works will be delivered by a General Contractor in coordination with the City's Capital Works Department.

Questions and Answers

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the project team at capitalprojects@campbellriver.ca

Getting around during construction

There is no impact to traffic as part of this project.

Project Progress 

Follow along with current project updates and milestones.  more...